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We exist because the fundamental aspects of form and technique are often overlooked in team sports on a daily basis. The time, money, energy, and emotions that athletes and parents invest in their passion warrant proper training. It is crucial to establish a strong base and foundation to help athletes achieve their personal best and comprehend their limits.

Are you prepared for various levels of play, such as leagues, pickup games, clubs, college, semi-professional, professional, or other organized competitions? Do you feel that certain elements of your game are lacking something you cannot overcome? Do you require training at a higher level than your current routine or schedule?

These are precisely the areas that USSPT considers when developing our athletes and teams while meeting the expectations of all parties involved. Our programs are designed to be progressive and identify the specific areas where athletes need improvement in order to reach their personal best. We then work on strengthening those areas until athletes possess the confidence and understanding required to excel. Our athletes finish with the mindset that they can "Self-Coach" their way out of any situation, armed with the essential knowledge of form and technique.


Passion alone isn't always sufficient. While you may have a genuine love for the sport and a team of coaches who share the same passion, it doesn't automatically mean they possess the ability to effectively educate athletes. Even the world's best players may not possess the necessary qualities for coaching; in fact, most of them don't. To ensure the development of exceptional educators, we have formulated a philosophy and established guidelines that enable coaches to understand themselves and the tasks they undertake.

The process of training athletes is analogous to training coaches. Our program encompasses a range of elements, including drills, station activities, and coursework, designed to cultivate coaches' abilities. Furthermore, our coaches can perform the skillsets, explain them effectively to all learning styles, and create environments for athletes to subconsciously and consciously produce the necessary actions for skills growth.

A USSPT Certified Coach brings comprehensive knowledge of the game, encompassing rules, fundamentals, skills development, sciences, and, most importantly, character. Coaches who participate in our training program cultivate a character that fosters growth and learning at the highest level. We recognize the significant role a quality coach plays in an athlete's life and understand the importance of being a role model within the community. USSPT coaches consistently strive to have a positive impact both on and off the field of play.

When you choose a USSPT coach, you can be assured of receiving a well-structured plan and strategy that fosters positive self-confidence and facilitates rapid growth like no other experience before.

Founder/HEad PRO

Jordan Wendelken started playing beach and indoor volleyball in 2004 in Plano TX participating in local tournaments and leagues. While attending Baylor University in 2006, he played club beach and indoor volleyball and qualified for the collegiate national championship in Long Beach, California taking 2nd in the silver bracket two years in a row. He began his coaching career in 2008 while also playing semi-professional beach volleyball around the US. He coached youth and college players shortly thereafter and quickly gained notoriety among clubs, high schools, and colleges. From there he began working with colleges, Olympians, and professional teams/players around the world. Many players fly in from around the nation to attend clinics and private sessions with Jordan (when he is not traveling the world playing and coaching). 

He now has his eye on building the most extensive international platform for skills development focusing on a variety of sports while simultaneously publishing a skills development coaching guidebook and Dallas-based programs.

Director/HEad PRO

Brenden Lee embarked on his soccer journey at the tender age of 5, quickly rising to stardom in North Texas within the junior circuit. He honed his skills at Solar Chelsea FC, earning a spot in the USSF U-16 and U-18 development academies, as well as representing the '93 North Texas ODP team. Lee played a pivotal role in clinching Classic League championships, Premier League titles, and State Cup victories for his teams. Moreover, he demonstrated his leadership prowess by securing four-year letter awards and captaining the Centennial High School team. 

His journey continued as he turned professional at the age of 17 with the German team Borussia Mönchengladbach. Later, he secured a scholarship to play at SMU from 2012 to 2016. Brenden quickly made a name for himself as a versatile player, excelling in both offensive and defensive roles right from the start. His contributions played a significant role in taking the SMU team to the Sweet 16 and achieving a ranking of 12th in the nation. Following his graduation, Brenden Lee took his talents to the professional arena, donning the jerseys of the Dallas Sidekicks and Mesquite Outlaws. Even now, as he continues his professional career, he remains committed to nurturing other athletes to help them reach their full potential. 

With an unwavering dedication to the sport and a passion for leadership, Brenden has been afforded numerous opportunities to share his love for soccer across the nation. Today, he aspires to establish one of the most esteemed training programs and coaching certification initiatives in the United States.


Like all of our clinics and training sessions, we are not associated with any club or program outside of our own skills development network. This means your players are safe with us and will not be poached or scouted - We are extremely strict on this and report any suspicious activity. It is advised that players communicate with their coaches and vice-versa to address any skills or specifics that can best benefit their team. We have an open-door policy for club coaches to discuss their own player's needs with our staff when needed.