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June 6 - 8:25 am CST

Embracing Multi-Sport Training:

A Pathway to Enhanced Athleticism and Lifelong Dexterity

In the world of sports, the focus often narrows to specialization from a young age, with athletes dedicating themselves entirely to a single discipline. While this approach has its benefits, there's a growing recognition of the immense value in playing and training multiple sports. Both players and coaches can reap significant rewards from a multi-sport approach, gaining fresh perspectives, improved body range of motion, and enhanced kinesthetic awareness. This holistic approach to athletic development is crucial not only in early development but also throughout adulthood, as dexterity and physical capabilities continue to evolve.

The Benefits of Multi-Sport Training

Perspective and Cognitive Skills

Engaging in multiple sports exposes athletes to various strategies, techniques, and problem-solving scenarios. This diversity enriches their understanding and application of sports principles, fostering a more comprehensive athletic intelligence. Coaches who advocate for multi-sport training encourage cognitive flexibility and adaptive thinking in their athletes, qualities that are transferable across all areas of life.

Enhanced Body Range of Motion and Kinesthetic Awareness

Different sports emphasize different muscle groups and movements, contributing to a more balanced and versatile physique. For instance, basketball players develop explosive power and agility, while swimming promotes cardiovascular endurance and upper body strength. This variety ensures that athletes develop a wider range of motion and better overall body coordination. Enhanced kinesthetic awareness, or the ability to sense body position and movement, is another critical benefit. Athletes become more attuned to their bodies, improving their performance and reducing injury risks.

Lifelong Dexterity and Continuous Improvement

Dexterity is not a static trait but one that can be honed and expanded at any age. Adult athletes who engage in multiple sports continue to refine their motor skills and physical abilities. This continuous improvement is vital for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, as it encourages lifelong participation in physical activities.

Case Study: Chase Budinger

A prime example of the benefits of multi-sport training is Chase Budinger, a former NBA player who successfully transitioned to beach volleyball. Budinger's NBA career began when he was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in 2009 and subsequently traded to the Houston Rockets. During his time with the Rockets (2009–2012), Budinger made significant contributions, including scoring a career-high 35 points in the season finale against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Budinger also had notable stints with the Minnesota Timberwolves (2012–2015), where he debuted with a nine-point game against the Sacramento Kings, and with the Indiana Pacers (2015–2016), Phoenix Suns (2016), and Baskonia (2016–2017). Despite his basketball success, Budinger didn't confine his athletic talents to one sport.

After his basketball career, Budinger transitioned to beach volleyball, bringing his agility, vertical jumping ability, and court awareness to the sand. His dedication and adaptability paid off, as he qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games to represent Team USA alongside his partner, Miles Evans. Budinger's journey underscores the potential for athletes to excel in multiple sports and achieve new heights.

Multi-Sport Training: Not Just for Elite Athletes

The advantages of multi-sport training extend beyond elite athletes to anyone who enjoys physical activity. Engaging in various sports promotes a love for movement, teamwork, and camaraderie. It encourages individuals to explore different activities, stay motivated, and remain physically active throughout their lives. Whether it's a youth soccer player trying out tennis or an adult runner picking up cycling, the benefits are widespread and impactful.

Incorporating multiple sports into training routines offers a myriad of benefits, from enhanced physical abilities to improved cognitive skills. This approach nurtures well-rounded athletes who are prepared to tackle diverse challenges, both on and off the field. For coaches, advocating for multi-sport training can revolutionize their athletes' development, helping them realize their true potential. And for everyone, regardless of age or skill level, embracing various sports fosters a lifelong passion for physical activity and the joys of camaraderie.

By encouraging a multi-sport approach, we pave the way for a more dynamic, versatile, and healthy athletic community, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and grow.

Jordan Wendelken - USSPT Founder and Head Pro

May 7 - 9:15 pm CST

Breaking the cycle:

The Importance of Critical Thinking in Coaching

Coaching is often perceived as a profession driven by passion, dedication, and a desire to help players reach their full potential. However, beneath the surface, there lies a common tendency among coaches to simply repeat or regurgitate information without truly understanding its implications. While the intention behind this approach may be good, the end result is often a lack of genuine comprehension of the skill sets being taught.

Take, for example, the widely taught technique of snapping the wrist when hitting a volleyball. On the surface, this instruction seems logical – a whipping motion would theoretically generate more force and directional impact. However, upon closer examination, the reality is far less effective. The force generated by the wrist is minimal, and the loss of control caused by the folding of the wrist renders the technique almost useless.

This phenomenon occurs because coaches often rely on surface-level explanations without delving deeper into the mechanics of the skill. Instead of blindly following tradition, coaches should critically evaluate the information they share, breaking it down to its core principles.

For instance, consider the alternative approach of hitting a volleyball with a locked wrist on the proper side of the ball, creating a curved shape with the hand. This technique allows for spin without sacrificing control. Analogously, imagine hitting a ball with a leather belt – while there may be plenty of whipping motion, the lack of control often results in the ball landing in the net. Conversely, using a rigid object like a baseball bat offers precise control and accuracy.

The key takeaway is that coaches must take the time to analyze and understand the nuances of the skills they teach. This involves watching videos of professionals in action, comparing different techniques, and reevaluating outdated or ineffective practices.

By prioritizing critical thinking and understanding, coaches can empower their players to develop not only their physical abilities but also their mental acuity. Players who understand the underlying principles of their sport can adapt more effectively to varying scenarios, ultimately becoming more well-rounded athletes.

Furthermore, this approach fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the coaching community. Coaches who question outdated practices and seek innovative solutions contribute to the evolution of the sport, challenging age-old sayings that have become obsolete in light of new insights.

Coaching isn't about blindly following tradition or repeating outdated practices, it should be a dynamic process of critical thinking, evaluation, and adaptation. By prioritizing genuine understanding and innovation, coaches can truly make a lasting impact on their players' development and the future of the sport.

Jordan Wendelken - USSPT Founder and Head Pro 

January 8 - 2:10 pm CST

Unlock Your Unique Potential:

The Power of Skills Development

Are you new to a sport and eager to enhance your skills in the field of play? While gameplay and experience are essential for grasping the rules and format, the key to rapid improvement lies in a controlled environment focused on technique and form.

In the initial stages, it's crucial to prioritize skill development over participating in low-quality leagues or open play. Instead, consider at-home exercises and drills that emphasize polishing form and body positioning. By training your brain to understand core concepts before attempting to replicate them, you lay the foundation for accelerated growth.

Understanding the purpose and elements of a desired action, along with the kinesthetics of a skill, enables you to practice with purpose. Focus on the feeling and successful result of completing an action, reinforcing the mental aspect of understanding core fundamentals. As your body develops muscle memory, your mind can gradually shift its focus to gameplay scenarios.

Advanced players, even professionals, continue to engage in skills development and coaching. Consistency in a controlled environment ensures ongoing refinement and mastery of body control. While unique body mechanics may develop subconsciously, they are honed through targeted practice, preventing unreliability during fatigue or external challenges.

Save specialty skills and "trick shots/plays" for a later stage in your learning journey. These unique moves are best discovered as you play and understand your body's capabilities. Introducing trick shots prematurely can distract from proper form and fundamental skills, potentially leading to the formation of bad habits.

In essence, mastering the core fundamentals—passing, shooting, hitting, serving, defense, and offense—is the foundation of any sports excellence. Once you consistently execute these basics and control your body as intended, you can confidently venture into crafting your own specialties. Remember, the journey to athletic self-confidence and discovery is a step-by-step process, with skill development as your guiding light.

December 31 - 1:48 pm CST

The Hidden Pitfall of Recreational Sports

Negative Skill and Habit Reinforcement

In the realm of recreational sports, the Physical Activity Council's Participation Report reveals that 50-60% of U.S. adults actively engage in diverse activities, contributing to the sector's significant growth. The U.S. hosts 75,674 amateur sports clubs, generating over $18 billion in annual revenue, and is projected to reach $38.7 billion by 2024. Millennials increasingly embrace sports leagues for fitness and health, while previous generations sustain the industry, forming a robust foundation for its growth.

Despite the growing popularity of amateur and recreational sports, it's crucial to explore their impact on participants. The benefits extend beyond participation, emphasizing mental and physical well-being. Sports, inherently challenging, operate on rewarding skill and proficiency. However, the notion that playing more equals improvement can lead to adverse effects on attendees.

Seeking recreational sports engagement, many turn to local leagues or facilities, boosting industry revenue. Open play, a semi-organized event, invites participants through community announcements, focusing on group participation over skill levels. While offering a low-commitment introduction to sports, open play often lacks consistent skill levels. Addressing potential drawbacks for beginners and intermediates participating without skills development training is crucial, preventing the reinforcement of negative habits.

Negative habits emerge when players repeatedly use suboptimal techniques, hindering skill growth. Contrary to the belief that mere playing enhances skills, experience alone doesn't guarantee meaningful progress. Consistent gameplay is crucial for skill development, as adapting to poorly executed actions impedes form refinement.

Some argue they play for enjoyment, contradicting the essence of sports, defined by rules, competition, and advancement. Open play and a lack of skills development pose challenges, hindering skill enhancement.

The remedy lies in skills development within controlled environments, guided by proper form and inspired by gameplay. Removing variables associated with inconsistent scenarios allows for the development of muscle memory. Scientifically, training the brain to understand an action before perfecting it is vital for effective skill acquisition.

Private coaching is an option, albeit sometimes costly and inconvenient. Alternatives like group skills clinics provide accessible and effective training.

Players can transition to open-play scenarios after mastering core fundamentals. Attending with the intent of applying acquired skills and experience, rather than improving, is crucial.

This discussion aims to encourage participation in recreational sports, emphasizing knowledge-seeking and effort for personal skill enhancement. Understanding the importance of skill development is pivotal for individual growth and maintaining the integrity of sports and competition. After all, keeping a score without the pursuit of improvement and excellence loses its meaning and point.

October 2 - 5:35 pm CST

USSPT Multisport Facility 

Planning and Designing is underway

In the heart of Dallas, something exciting is brewing at, and it's about to change the way adults experience recreational sports forever. The USSPT Multisport Facility, spanning an impressive 9,000 square feet, is currently in the planning and design phase, and it's set to become a hub for sports enthusiasts of all levels.

This groundbreaking facility will feature three different surface types—artificial grass, sport court, and sand—opening doors to an extensive array of sports clinics, training sessions, and open play events. USSPT is on a mission to empower individuals to embrace new sports and fitness goals, no matter their skill level, all while fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

A Multitude of Activities

Prepare to be busy and totally booked up with all of these sports options:

Overcoming Barriers to Entry

Starting a new sport or fitness regimen can be intimidating. The fear of embarrassment, the apprehension of standing out, or negatively impacting someone else's experience often keeps many from diving into new activities. USSPT is here to erase those barriers. Here, every athlete learns together, with a focus on proper training techniques that enable participants to progress at their own pace, building confidence and competence.

A World of Opportunities

The USSPT Multisport Facility is set to be a bustling hive of activity, offering clinics for a wide range of sports and fitness activities. These clinics will be held every day of the week from 6 pm to midnight, ensuring that there's something for everyone's schedule. Weekends will be reserved for open play and member-based events such as mini-leagues and tournaments, creating a vibrant and engaging community of sports enthusiasts.

A Membership Model That Fits Your Needs

USSPT offers flexible membership options to cater to your individual preferences and goals. Here's a sneak peek at the membership tiers:

Imagine the Possibilities

Picture yourself joining friends at weekly clinics for your favorite sport, honing your skills, and achieving new heights in your game. USSPT ensures that you not only fit right in but also compete at a higher level after every session. The facility's three different surface types cater to various sports, enabling you to explore new interests and diversify your athletic abilities.

A Bright Future Ahead

USSPT's vision extends far beyond Dallas. In the next two years, they plan to expand to Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston, with aspirations to open one to two new locations every ten months. This ambitious journey is a testament to USSPT's commitment to transforming the way adults approach sports and fitness.

The USSPT Multisport Facility is not just a place to play sports; it's a community where dreams and opportunities intersect. Whether you're a seasoned athlete looking to improve your game or someone taking the first steps toward a healthier, more active lifestyle, USSPT is here to support your journey. Stay tuned to their blog and sign up for their weekly newsletter to be part of this exciting movement. USSPT is more than a facility; it's a catalyst for personal growth, connection, and sporting excellence.

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September 11 - 12:00 pm CST


USSPT has launched our North Texas adult soccer program

Are you an adult soccer enthusiast in North Texas looking to sharpen your skills and take your game to the next level? Look no further! United States Sports Performance Training (USSPT) is thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Adult Soccer Training Clinics. Building on the success of our adult volleyball training programs, we've expanded our offerings to cater to soccer enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, our clinics are designed to help you excel in recreational soccer programs, open play, and beyond.

Meet Brenden Lee: Your Pro Soccer Coach

At USSPT, we believe in learning from the best, which is why we're excited to introduce our star coach and pro soccer player, Brenden Lee. With an impressive soccer journey that includes playing overseas with the renowned German team Borussia Mönchengladbach and representing SMU on the field, Brenden brings a wealth of experience to our adult soccer training programs. Read more here

Why Choose USSPT's Adult Soccer Clinics?

How to Get Started

Getting started with USSPT's Adult Soccer Training Clinics is easy. Simply visit

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your soccer game in a fun and supportive environment. Join USSPT's Adult Soccer Training Clinics today and take the first step towards becoming the player you've always aspired to be. We're excited to help you score goals, create plays, and experience the joy of soccer like never before.

Unlock your soccer potential with USSPT. Train like a pro, play like a champ!

September 9 - 4:26 pm CST


Dallas are Soccer and Volleyball private coaching and small group programs

Are you a North Texas or Dallas area parent or athlete searching for that extra edge in sports performance? Look no further! United States Sports Performance Training (USSPT) is excited to introduce our exclusive Private Sports Coaching programs, tailor-made for devoted volleyball and soccer enthusiasts. Whether you're dreaming of spiking like a pro on the volleyball court or becoming a soccer sensation, our team of highly skilled international coaches is here to elevate your game. Let's dive into the world of USSPT's private lessons and coaching to discover how you can achieve your athletic goals.

Why Opt for USSPT's Private Coaching?

Private Coaching for Volleyball and Soccer

USSPT extends its private coaching expertise to both volleyball and soccer, catering to athletes of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a youth player keen on mastering the fundamentals or an adult athlete looking to reach new heights in your game, our private coaching programs are meticulously designed to meet your unique needs.

Unleash Your Potential with USSPT

Are you ready to embark on a journey of sports transformation through private coaching? Take the first step today by reaching out to us or visit our Eventbrite page for information on upcoming events Don't let the opportunity slip by to train like a pro and unlock your full athletic potential. USSPT's Private Sports Coaching holds the key to greatness on the field or court. Join us in North Texas and Dallas for a sports experience that transcends the ordinary – your sports dreams are well within your grasp with USSPT.

August 27 - 3:00 pm CST

Elevate Your Game 

The USSPT Factor Professional Beach Volleyball

Calling all beach volleyball enthusiasts! Prepare to take your game to new heights with the latest innovation from USSPT - introducing the Factor Professional Beach Volleyball. Crafted to meet the stringent requirements of national and international professional tournaments, this remarkable ball is set to redefine your beach volleyball experience. And here's the kicker - it brings affordability and quality together in a winning combination.

Precision and Durability Unleashed

Picture this: a beach volleyball that embodies precision, durability, and a level of performance that sets new standards. The USSPT Factor Professional Beach Volleyball, meticulously designed with 18-panels made from Micro-Fiber Composite Leather, ensures that every serve, spike, and dig delivers an unmatched playing experience.

Exceptional Quality at an Unbeatable Price

Gone are the days when premium tournament-grade beach volleyball came with a hefty price tag. USSPT is proud to introduce the Factor beach volleyball at an incredibly affordable $39 per ball. And the news gets better - our early presale offer allows you to snag this incredible ball for just $29 per ball. It's not just affordability; it's a game-changer that redefines the norm.

Discounts for Enthusiasts and Organizations

Attention coaches, clubs, and organizations - we've got a treat for you too. The USSPT Factor volleyball comes with exciting quantity discounts, making professional-grade play accessible to a wider community. Elevate your training sessions, club matches, and league play with the Factor volleyball without denting your budget.

Giving Back to the Volleyball Community

Community matters to us. For organizations hosting weekly adult leagues, our partnership initiative is here to make a difference. For every court you fill during your league times, USSPT will donate one Factor Professional Beach Volleyball. Our goal? To ensure players experience the consistent quality of a professional ball without worrying about wear and tear.

Get Ready to Embrace Excellence

The USSPT Factor Professional Beach Volleyball is gearing up to redefine your beach volleyball experience. With an 18-panel Micro-Fiber Composite Leather cover and a butyl bladder, this ball stands as a testament to precision and innovation. Mark your calendars for the presale launch in September, with exclusive pricing available throughout the month. Shipments are set for October, ensuring you're well-equipped to own the beach volleyball season with unmatched style and performance.

Stay tuned for updates and seize the opportunity to secure your Factor volleyball during the presale period. It's time to embrace the future of professional-grade beach volleyball without compromising on quality or cost. Let's unite to #beyourbest on the sand, one incredible game at a time.

Shop our store:

August 21 - 7:00 pm CST


United States Sports Performance Training (USSPT) Launches Innovative Indoor Facility in North Dallas Area

North Dallas, TX - August 18, 2023 - United States Sports Performance Training (USSPT), founded by renowned international pro volleyball coach Jordan Wendelken and author of the upcoming book "The Coaches Guidebook," is thrilled to announce its expansion into the North Dallas Area. This groundbreaking venture will introduce a cutting-edge 8,000+ sqft indoor facility designed to empower adult recreational sports enthusiasts to enhance their skills and excel in their respective passions.

USSPT, spearheaded by the expertise of Jordan Wendelken, aims to revolutionize the way adults approach recreational sports training. The facility, slated to open on January 1, 2024, will cater to athletes of various disciplines, offering specialized areas for golf, ultimate frisbee, soccer, flag football, softball, basketball, pickleball, and beach volleyball, among others.

The state-of-the-art indoor facility will feature:

A unique aspect of USSPT's approach is the daily skills clinics that will be available. With professional players and coaches at the helm, participants will have the opportunity to receive personalized training and elevate their game faster than ever before. The program's foundation is built upon Jordan Wendelken's "karate principle," which focuses on holistic athlete development beyond wins and losses, fostering a rewarding journey of progress and self-improvement.

"For too long, the recreational adult athlete has been underserved in terms of structured, organized training," said Jordan Wendelken. "Our program is designed to fill this gap, providing a comprehensive growth plan that harnesses the expertise of professional coaches and players."

In addition to sports training, USSPT goes beyond the field by offering coaches and parental coaching training. This initiative aims to strengthen relationships between parents and their children in the sports realm, addressing the emotional and mental challenges that families often face.

USSPT is actively seeking partnerships with major sponsors that share a focus on active and social adult athletes. The soft opening leading up to the grand opening will be accompanied by a combined fundraiser, dedicated to supporting the victims of the recent fires in Maui.


For media inquiries, partnership opportunities, and more information about USSPT, please contact:

Media Contact

Name: Jordan Wendelken Phone: 972-360-8559 Email: Website:

USSPT is poised to redefine the recreational sports landscape in North Dallas and beyond, providing a nurturing environment for athletes to grow, learn, and excel in their passion.


About USSPT:** 

United States Sports Performance Training (USSPT) is a pioneering initiative founded by international pro volleyball coach Jordan Wendelken. Committed to shaping well-rounded athletes and providing cutting-edge training, USSPT offers state-of-the-art indoor facilities and daily skills clinics for adult recreational sports enthusiasts. With a focus on holistic development and expert guidance, USSPT is poised to empower athletes to achieve their full potential.

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