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When our whole strategy is built on player development and growth, our programs success should be no different. We are recognized internationally as a one of the best player development programs for a variety of sports because of our technique and fundamentals. Understanding and know our individual capabilities, pushing our talent to its limit, and giving every opportunity our full commitment.

Be a part of something that truly impacts the world and its communities of passionate athletes in a positive and memorable way.

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USSPT Coaches

If you share the same perspective and mission we have, you might be a fit. We are expanding rapidly and are looking for dedicated coaches in all sports who have a passion that encompasses their character. Encouraging, charismatic, energetic, athletic, intense, motivational, wise, and influential are all characteristics that USSPT coaches and staff have that separate us from the rest. 

Do you feel you have a calling and understanding of the game and developing players that no one else seems to have? Can you logically break down skill sets into manageable chunks and have a proven record of developing athletes of all ages and skill levels in a short period of time? We are your home and we take care of our family!

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Sponsorship & Advertising

We are unique and impact the lives of those we interact with in a positive way. Does your brand stand for the same? If so, we want to work with you, it's that simple. 

Our core model and fundamentals are based on logic and principle, you get what you put in. Brands who partner with us get 100% commitment and dedication as if it was our brand too, that is why we carefully consider who we partner with. We build relationships and help to drive business wherever we go like brand ambassadors. This is our promise to you.

We are experts beyond coaching and have dedicated business development specialists, creative artists, SEO/digital marketing executives, and more on our team which helps not only propel us forward but all those who support and partner with us too. That is a teammate's commitment to a team and ours to you.

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We help programs that have the same drive and dedication to sports reach their next level just like they want for their athletes.

It takes a whole team to win at sports. Behind every athlete is a host of motivational influences that come in a variety of forms. Reaching the general public and connecting with the target market is one of the biggest hurdles that clubs, coaches, and all small businesses struggle with. Like you are to your athletes, be larger than life!

Our trained marketing and business development specialists can help to create a strategy and help to implement it including our own network of athletes and partners. This is what makes the world go round and we are here to help.

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Take your program above and beyond by having USSPT trainers come out to you to build players, your program, or even coaches.

We are always motivated and ready to show off our family, partners, and program because it works so well. We believe in every aspect of what we do and constantly promote it both on and off the fields of play. Every interaction we have is a potential positive influence and that is contagious. We want to share that journey and be a part of your growth.

Our coaches are ready to share this passion and deliver the highest level of professionalism to achieve the very best results.

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Media & Press

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We have a lot to say and the people want to hear it!

Team up with USSPT and spread the message along with all of our upcoming news, events, and more.

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